Snack #3: Pasta Omelette – Frittatina di pasta

This frittata is great for lunch boxes. In Southern Italy you can be sure it’s packed away for picnics or “scampagnate”, or why not even school trips. It just needs to be wrapped in foil to keep it warm. Kids usually like spaghetti frittata because the loose spaghetti will become crunchy when fried. Soo simple and quick to make, ¬†budget friendly AND a great way to use leftover pasta. Perfect combo, so without further ado, let me leave you with this beautiful recipe.

Ingredients, serve 1
- about 50g of leftover boiled pasta any shape
- 2 eggs
- 1 big tbsp of grated parmesan or more if you like it cheesy
- salt and pepper
- oil to fry

1) scramble the eggs with the cheese and the seasoning

2) add the boiled pasta

3) heat some oil in a small frying pan 

4) add the frittata mix: all of it for a big omelette or in little batches for smaller ones

4) cook until golden on both sides and serve warm or cold. I like to eat it with a fresh tomato salad

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