Oven baked Chicken Cacciatora

We woke up to a frosty sunny morning. Car was really iced and the kids had so much fun while inside it….looking at mammy outside in the cold, trying to scrap ice off the windows…there were tears as well because the “igloo” was being destroyed. Late for school too…Anyhow the day really justifies having the oven on so I’ve decided to adapt my dad’s “pollo alla cacciatora”. It is quite a frugal meal as you can use cheaper cuts of meat if like me you don’t like chicken breasts.Hope you enjoy it!

Ingredients for 4:
-800gr./1kg.chicken legs and wings
-red and green peppers
-a jar of passata
-handfull of red or black olives
-handfull of capers
-2 cloves of garlic
-salt and pepper
-splash of olive oil

1)cut the peppers

2)in a casserole add the peppers and the chicken.if you want a lighter dish remove the skin from the chicken

3)add the remaining ingredients

4)cook it in the oven at 220 for about 1 hour 1/2.