Summer Rice Salad – Insalata di Riso

When the days are warm and sunny like today, I dont feel like staying indoors, even less to be cooking (or attempting to, as many of you pointed out my Aubergine Pie looked a bit burned….), so I open the fridge and proceed to empty its content in my version of a rice salad. My sisters laugh at it, but we quite enjoy it, it is very healthy with 6 or 7 different veggies, it can be vegan or vegetarian, just add only veggies and use Olive oil to dress. And let’s face it, very little cooking, minimum washing up, what’s there not to like….anyway try my “all goes in rice salad” , don’ t be put off by the long list of ingredients, it’s really very quick to do.

Ingredients serves 4:
- 4 little cups plain rice
- 4 hard boiled eggs chopped in small cubes
- a cucumber chopped small
- 4 tomatoes chopped small
- 2 carrots chopped finely
- a handful of radeshes, sliced, skin on
- handfull of shredded mangetout
- lettuce shredded
- black and green olives sliced
- hard cheese, cubed
- sardines or mackerel fillets optional
- capers optional
- small cup of light or full fat mayo
- small cup of Greek yoghurt
- origano, salt, pepper, Olive oil

1) boil the rice and rinse under cold water until cool

2) hard boil eggs, cool and chop in small cubes

3) add all the ingredients in a large bowl

4) add the dressing and mix well. Serve cold or room temperature.

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We are a group of friends who can't cook but are passionate about Food and Nature....meaning we love to eat when someone else cooks! I am giving myself a real challenge: to teach myself to cook great food. I will start small and who knows.... Siamo un gruppo di amici che non hanno mai imparato a cucinare, appassionati di cucina e di che significa che ci piace mangiare quando cucina qualcun altro! Ma ora mi sono data un obiettivo ambizioso: di imparare a cucinare bene, iniziero' pian piano e poi chissa'....