Learning….to make healthy snacks: beginners Mackerel Salad

So after last week’s flop, with my Aubergine pie (yes I know it wasn’t supposed to be burned….but it really didn’t taste that….burned…), I’ ve decided to go back to the beginning, and to try healthy snacks first. With summer almost here it’s good to reduce the calories intake. I am starting with a mackerel salad. Although ….I find it is rather challenging to write about a salad…what do you say: wash the leaves?…. Well it might be a good point actually, I knew somebody in Australia during my student days, who never washed their vegetables…actually everybody I knew wasn’t :-)). I know why not use prewashed salad in a bag….well if you are into healthy organic than bagged salad won’t do it for you. Anyhow this is my low calories budget friendly tinned mackerel salad. It’s delicious, it helps if you are hungry…I  leave you to it. Next I’ ll share bruschetta. Enjoy!

  • Ingredients serves 2:
    – a tin of mackerel or any other fish
    – Half a lettuce head ( or a bag of mixed salad)
    – a handful of cherry tomatoes halved
    – a third of cucumber, peeled
    – one carrot sliced
    – a few radishes
    – Olive oil
    – salt and pepper

  • Method:
    1) in a bowl add all the ingredients, season and mix well
    2) eat with crackers or bread.

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We are a group of friends who can't cook but are passionate about Food and Nature....meaning we love to eat when someone else cooks! I am giving myself a real challenge: to teach myself to cook great food. I will start small and who knows.... Siamo un gruppo di amici che non hanno mai imparato a cucinare, appassionati di cucina e di natura.....il che significa che ci piace mangiare quando cucina qualcun altro! Ma ora mi sono data un obiettivo ambizioso: di imparare a cucinare bene, iniziero' pian piano e poi chissa'....