Golden fried Aubergines – Eggplants

This recipe is so simple and cheap, and yet so yummy. In the South of Italy it’s called “Indorate e fritte”, my aunts  make them every other day.
It’s very versatile: you can eat the fried aubergines on their own with a mixed salad, or in a bun, as vegetarian Burgers. They are great used to make “parmigiana” – aubergine pie. Finally, you can cut them small and serve them as nibbles on a little cracker. We like to give them to the children as a snack, as a healthy option instead of  bought chips. The choice is yours, so I leave you to this great recipe. Do let me know if you like it!
3 aubergines
3 eggs
2 spoonful of grated parmesan cheese
a bowl of plain flour
Olive oil
1) peel the aubergines and slice them thinly (keep the skin and use it for pasta)
3) gently squeeze the aubergines, toss them in flour
4) beat the eggs and season with the cheese and dip in the egg mixture
5) heat abundant oil in a large frying pan, and fry the aubergine slices on both sides, they cook really quickly, so make sure u take them out when they are just golden and put them on a plate covered with kitchen paper for excess oil.
The quickest way to do this is to prepare all the slices in flour first, and put them in egg, before starting frying. Eat them really hot.

Pappa d’Avena – Porridge

AmarenaTree Porridge

La colazione e’ sicuramente il pasto piu’ importante della giornata, ma se ti alzi presto la mattina chi ha voglia, e tempo, di preparare qualcosa di sano? Alle 7 del mattino il mondo e’ ancora in ordine..Ma alle 7.30 no, quindi via con brioche, merendine o cereali zuccherati…
Cercando alternative sane e a prova di colesterolo ho scoperto I fiocchi d’ avena, e mi sono ricordata di Fiona e Brenda, delle ragazze scozzesi che conoscevo anni fa che il porridge lo mangiavano anche di sera se avevano il frigo vuoto.
Loro lo facevano col latte e zucchero di canna, io lo cucino con l’acqua, voi pero’ potete sostituirla con la stessa quantita’ di latte. Se sono in ritardo la mattina, lo preparo e lo metto in un termos, me lo porto in ufficio e lo mangio’ li’, allontanando le tentazioni dei dolci del bar! Provatelo e fatemi sapere se vi e’ piaciuto.

INGREDIENTI (serve 1 persona): – 50 gr. di fiocchi d’Avena – 300 ml di acqua o latte – a piacere: frutta fresca – noci – miele – cannella – latte freddo


1) versare I fiocchi d’avena in una ciotola adatta al forno microonde

2) versare l’acqua o il latte sui fiocchi e far cuocere nel microonde alla massima temperatura per 1.5 minuti. Far riposare in forno per qualche minute poi cuocere per altri 1.5 minuti. Lasciate riposare ancora per qualche minute poi fate molta attenzione quando maneggiate la scodella perche’ sara’ bollente.

3) aggiungete la frutta fresca che piu’ preferite. Io avevo mela rossa, mirtilli e pera in frigo ,ma di questo periodo aggiungere le fragole e’ una delizia, specialmente se usate il latte, rende il porridge cremoso- fragoloso. Yum

4) se vi piace potete aggiungere miele, noci (io ho usato I semi di zucca) e cannella e potete anche versare latte freddo sul vostro porridge. Buona colazione!

Quick Pasta with beans (Pasta e fagioli)

Pasta with beans is a very old and traditional Italian recipe. It’s a rustic, peasant dish, poor but incredibly tasty. There are many variations of this dish, depending on the geographic area: the recipe I am sharing now is originally from Campania, in the South of Italy.

The traditional recipe requires the use of dry beans, left to soak overnight, and then cooked on the stove for an hour and a half. Unfortunately, I find it very hard to be so organized as to actually prepare the beans the night before, so this is my shortcut for those times in which I feel like eating a rustic, fulfilling, healthy pasta, but I am short on time: I use tinned beans, and I cut out the veggies!

This pasta makes also a great soup, especially if you use smaller pasta shape, it’s very budget friendly, AND it only uses one pot, a win/win really!

I will soon post also the traditional recipe of this dish, but for the moment I leave you to this super quick pasta with beans. If you try it let me know if you like it.


Tip: if you use rosemary, it’s worth buying fresh, better even if you have it in your garden. You can always freeze what you don’t’ use. I find dry rosemary doesn’t have much flavour, you end up using more of it.

Ingredients for 4 people:

350 gr Pasta Shell

1 tin cooked beans


A good dash of olive oil

A sprig of rosemary (optional)

chilli or pepper (optional)

Method . Cooking time 10 mins.

1) Empty the content of the tin of beans in a large pot, add some boiling water, salt, chilli and rosemary if using.

2)  When the water is back to the boil add the pasta, make sure the water covers all the pasta

3) When the pasta is cooked, drain excess water if you prefer it more “dry”, or leave it as it is for a soup version.

4) Add a very generous dash of olive oil, better if extra virgin

Pasta with beans soup

5) Dish out and enjoy.

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Here at AmarenaTree, we love Amarene (sour cherries) fruit…… unsurprisingly so!

Whether  you prefer sour cherries fresh, or stewed with sugar and a spoonful of water, or sprinkled with sugar and left under the sun to mature, Amarene are a wonderful, versatile fruit.

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